Thursday, January 6, 2011

This is real life, y'all

I am poised in front of the TV, shaking out my arms to loosen up.  Three of my friends stand beside me doing the same.  My brother is sitting in the chair, refusing to participate.

The four of us are staring intently at the screen, waiting for the little woman to begin dancing.  Our Wii remotes are grasped firmly in our hands.  The tension rises, like this is America's Got Talent and not my living room.  Suddenly, the beat to Le Freak by Chic begins and we start to flail around wildly, attempting to please the little animated dancer.  About thirty seconds in, I am convinced that the dancer is possessed.

We were not nearly this cool.

As the song ends and I finish in a spectacular fourth out of four, my brother hops up and chooses a classic, Louie Louie, as performed by Iggy Pop.  About halfway through he gives up, and slowly the rest of us die off as well.  Lame and gasping for breath, we decide that perhaps we should karaoke instead.  It uses less energy.

We threw Beatles Rock Band into the Wii and By the end of the night all five of us were screaming nigh incomprehensibly into the two microphones and my brother had transformed into George Thorogood for some reason.

We weren't nearly this cool either.

It was a good day.

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