Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My room mate and I accidentally 20 comics for $5

So there's this store in downtown Bloomington, this comic store.  My room mate and I just recently began going to it, but it's become an enthralling place, what with the Avengers and Batman and whatnot.  Point being, it turns out they have this back room filled with boxes and boxes and boxes of comics and if you buy an excessive amount of them then they are disgustingly cheap.



I did this:
Basically it's Hawkeye - Black Widow - Hawkeye up in there.

And my room mate did this:
There is an Avengers Apes and Vampire Avengers too.

And there was much rejoicing as she purchased all of the Avengers comics she could find and I did the same with Hawkeye.  Also Namor, king of Atlantis, because let's face it, that guy is fly.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hawkeye is an Avenger too.

So, there's this movie coming out soon.  It's a small production, no big deal.

Wait, wait, no. That's not right. Did I say not a big deal?

What I meant to say was it is a huge deal. A GIGANTIC DEAL. This movie is second in my mind only to the upcoming Hobbit, and even then it's a very close second.

I am so excited.

So, for a basic overview:

The Avengers is basically the Marvel universe's version of the Justice League.  Earth is going to crap thanks to an overreacting Norse God (Loki from Thor) and the government has to gather all of the super heroes together to save the day. It's basically taking all of the efforts from the recent Marvel movies and mashing them together to make the most epic movie of all time.

In this movie there are six Avengers.

Iron Man
You may have seen him before.
 Captain America
The Hulk
 Thor (brother to Loki, incidentally)
 and Black Widow
 For some reason, that's where everyone stops.  I've told you there are six of them, but most people ignore the sixth member of the Avengers.  That would be Hawkeye. He's basically a badass version of Robin Hood, you see.  He has perfect aim and a leather body suit.
Look at that BAMF
 I mean, it might be one of the less spectacular super powers but really, what does Black Widow do? She shoots people and runs around in a leather one piece.  They're basically on the same level of coolness, guys, one of them just happens to have boobs.

So next time you decide to discredit Hawkeye, remember this:

He used to run around in a flamboyant purple outfit.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Woops I still have a blog



Hello again! I've been a little...ahem...lax...about blogging lately, and I do so apologize for that. Finally, though, I have come back to you all! I can tell you are excited.

I am about to begin my second semester of Sophomore year at Indiana University with a brand new major - history.  I was previously a math major, until I realized I can't actually DO math, which is somewhat of a prerequisite if one is to major in it.  But dates, facts, names, THOSE I can remember.  I think this switch will be for the best, quite frankly.

For the first time in my college career, I have joined a club as well!  I have discovered the wonders and secrets of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), which allows me to love history all the time. It's a good thing.

I have been learning calligraphy (I am perhaps a little behind on practicing), playing flute in a recorder band, which actually makes perfect sense if you think about it, and learning some fancy dances that may or may not actually be period. 

'Cause I am a cool guy.

Oh! To make things slightly less nerdy I've joined another club as well.  A Harry Potter club. We discuss HP in a deep, emotional way.  The discussions are actually quite compelling, all told.

Are these things that cool people do?  I think it is.

So! Once again, I hope to blog on some kind of semi-regular basis about things that happen, and hopefully I will not bore anyone too overly much.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So I discovered this game called Minecraft.

It's like Legos, but better.  And I know what you're thinking - "Legos are already awesome, how could they get better?!"

With monsters and lava, that's how.

 I mean, look at it! And sure, it might be a world composed solely of 8-bit squares, but it's brilliant! It's easy and you can basically build whatever you want to.




Sunday, October 2, 2011

I think I am going to murder myself via my music choices.

I have been taking piano lessons since I was about twelve, so it's been, what? Eight years on the piano?  I really like to play, too, I wasn't one of those kids whose parents forced them to participate in activities.  I chose to keep up with my lessons in college, believing that if I didn't have someone behind me the whole time telling me to practice I would probably only practice about once a month (which is sadly true).  As much as I enjoy playing it, I just can't seem to practice often enough.

Over the past year and a bit, I decided to play songs by composers that I have admired since I started the piano, the major one being Chopin, but this year we have moved to Grieg.  I am supposed to learn three pieces a semester, and this time around all of them are by our dear Edvard.

I got a book of his Lyric Pieces and I was glancing through it to see which pieces I wanted to learn.  I hadn't heard of many of them, so I was playing little bits of them on the keyboard, just messing around really, when I landed on the Elfin Dance.

I really like it, I do, and I decided I wanted to play it. I am not very good at playing fast songs, but I decided, just this once, to try and improve myself.

Then I saw his Scherzo.  It has a lovely triplet-over-straight eighths rhythm which I am particularly fond of, and when I sounded it out I decided it was going to be my second piece.  Then, I looked it up on YouTube.

And it says, very blatantly at the top, that it is supposed to be played hella fast. Which I somehow missed on my first read-through. But the middle is nice and sweet, and I decided not to back down from the challenge.

Just this Thursday I got my third piece, which my instructor picked out for me, his Arietta, a nice, slow song.

So, yeah. It will be a challenging semester, if nothing else.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I haven't posted in two months, and I apologize.

I want to put some of the blame on planning for school and meeting up with old high school friends and then packing and moving, but that's not entirely the case.  My summer was just, well...boring, after a bit.  The highlight of the break being the time I went to Holiday World (the amusement park) twice in the same week.
That is the Voyage. It is the world's tallest wooden roller coaster. It occasionally hurts so much to ride it you feel like you need a safe word. The place is awesome, is what I'm trying to get across.
But after that, it was Netflix B-movie marathons and the occasional get together. Nothing terribly exciting.  I moved back to Bloomington about a month ago or so, and all has been well.  Classes are going fine, my friends are fine, my BRAND-SPANKING NEW APARTMENT is fine.
And, as a side note, this is what my room looks like:

I couldn't give up the books.

Wonderful keyboard via lovely friend, Tony.

That's Classic Batman, Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Who all on the same door. I am an accomplished nerd.
The only real thing to note is that I am joining a Calligraphy club, so expect wonderful Christmas Cards.

Hopefully going to blog more often,
And wonderfully yours,


Saturday, August 6, 2011

I did a thing.

I took a painting, one someone had dumped in the trash no less:
And I was looking at it, very closely, and I decided I wanted to improve it. And by 'improve' I mean 'give it tentacles.'

This is its story.

Knife-wielding octopus centaur. Oh yes.

And, if you want some really good paintings-in-paintings, look into this guy. It's just really great, people.