Sunday, January 2, 2011

Squirrels need coats too.

I find myself bundled up against the cold, walking back from my piano lesson.  It is cold in Bloomington this time of year, and the Indiana University campus is no exception. 

I shove my gloved hands into my pockets after I tighten my scarf around my face.  I pause for a moment at a stop sign to let a car pass, stomping my feet to warm them.  I cross quickly before a car accidentally runs me over and I continue up the sidewalk.  

A noise catches my interest and I look around for its source, and stop when I see a squirrel sitting in front of a building.  It has its arms crossed in front of it and it was shivering.  I stare intently at it.  It looks calmly back at me.  My brow furrows in concern.

"Yes, it's cold outside," I say to the squirrel.  I almost tell it to get a coat, but then I remember it is a squirrel.  I bite my tongue and continue on my way.

I still worry about that squirrel.  I mean, if he couldn't afford a coat for itself, how could it afford clothes for its little squirrel family? They're probably all sitting around their kitchen table having a budget meeting right now.

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