Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In memoriam: the feasts that will never be.

Soon I will have to return to IU, yet another institution that seems intent on educating me.  But, as fine and educational as IU might be, they leave me severly lacking in kitchen space and kitchen functionality.

I like to cook; it is one of my greatest joys.  I am good at it and I cook quite often while at home.  When I come home from school I sift through my mother's recipe books, of which there are dozens (many of which she has written over and changed, making her the Half Blood Prince of cooking), and I pick out one that I can make easily.  Normally this involves me changing a few (most) of the ingredients around to suit what I have on hand.  But somehow they all end up delicious like the chicken and bacon contraption I made tonight.

Oh yeah, you like that? Oh, you want a close up? I bet you do...

 And as the time of my departure grows near, I think about all of the meals that I will not have the good fortune to cook, and then I think about what kind of food I have to live on in college.

My sense of taste just threw itself off a tall building.
The only problem I'm really having with this transition back and forth is the excercise issue.  While at IU I am forced to walk to all of my classes which are normally at far corners of campus and a good fifteen or twenty minutes from my dorm.  Even if I eat crap food it doesn't matter since I walk it all off anyway.  Sometimes I am just too lazy to prepare anything even it is microwaveable. 

Then I come home where I can cook whenever I want and I have no need to walk anywhere.  I realized today that I was once again gaining weight and in a desperate attempt to shed a pound or so I did five push-ups (Impressive!), ten crunches (Practically Hulk!), and two miles on the treadmill, which lead to me having treadmill-feet for about ten minutes.  Not that it helped with the chicken and bacon.

I think it was the five push-ups that put me over the edge.

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