Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movies. MOVIES.

I cannot stop watching them.  But they all invariably lead back to the eighties.  To The Breakfast Club, mostly, which I am watching as we speak.  It's like John Hughes is Harry Potter, and all movies after about 2003 are Voldemort and he has to DESTROY THEM IN THEIR WRONGNESS!  But he can't lose, you know he can't lose.  He's JOHN HUGHES.  Ferris Bueller? Pretty in Pink?  Come on 21st century, you need to work a little harder.  You're never gonna win at this point.  Judd Nelson will strangle you with his flannel first.
Well, maybe not.

But I watched The Princess Bride first.  I can't just watch one old movie, I have to watch a string of them, like how you can't just eat one potato chip. I hadn't watched The Princess Bride for a while, and I was shocked to find that I was a little teary eyed throughout it.  I mostly adhere to the belief that once you watch a movie enough times you are no longer shocked by it, but apparently for this one I was wrong. It's still touching.
Adventure, murder, AND true love? Inconceivable!
I was born pretty firmly in the 1990's, and even I know that the quality was better back then.  Most movies today are remakes of older movies/TV shows/comics.  I've either seen the original or the prequel to almost everything in the theatre nowadays.  That's not cool, you guys.

Plus, the music!  That awesome quintessentially 80s music.  It made me love something from that era that wasn't hair metal (I blame you, Dad!).  Music from John Hughes movies = love.  That's just a fact.


I've been distracted by The Breakfast Club again.  So here, mostly for my entertainment.  I give you my friend and I playing dress-up:
It's Bender.  PRETTY GOOD, EH?
My friend's Claire.  She's...she's so sweet *sniffles* to indulge my craziness like this...
 * FIN *

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