Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My room mate and I accidentally 20 comics for $5

So there's this store in downtown Bloomington, this comic store.  My room mate and I just recently began going to it, but it's become an enthralling place, what with the Avengers and Batman and whatnot.  Point being, it turns out they have this back room filled with boxes and boxes and boxes of comics and if you buy an excessive amount of them then they are disgustingly cheap.



I did this:
Basically it's Hawkeye - Black Widow - Hawkeye up in there.

And my room mate did this:
There is an Avengers Apes and Vampire Avengers too.

And there was much rejoicing as she purchased all of the Avengers comics she could find and I did the same with Hawkeye.  Also Namor, king of Atlantis, because let's face it, that guy is fly.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hawkeye is an Avenger too.

So, there's this movie coming out soon.  It's a small production, no big deal.

Wait, wait, no. That's not right. Did I say not a big deal?

What I meant to say was it is a huge deal. A GIGANTIC DEAL. This movie is second in my mind only to the upcoming Hobbit, and even then it's a very close second.

I am so excited.

So, for a basic overview:

The Avengers is basically the Marvel universe's version of the Justice League.  Earth is going to crap thanks to an overreacting Norse God (Loki from Thor) and the government has to gather all of the super heroes together to save the day. It's basically taking all of the efforts from the recent Marvel movies and mashing them together to make the most epic movie of all time.

In this movie there are six Avengers.

Iron Man
You may have seen him before.
 Captain America
The Hulk
 Thor (brother to Loki, incidentally)
 and Black Widow
 For some reason, that's where everyone stops.  I've told you there are six of them, but most people ignore the sixth member of the Avengers.  That would be Hawkeye. He's basically a badass version of Robin Hood, you see.  He has perfect aim and a leather body suit.
Look at that BAMF
 I mean, it might be one of the less spectacular super powers but really, what does Black Widow do? She shoots people and runs around in a leather one piece.  They're basically on the same level of coolness, guys, one of them just happens to have boobs.

So next time you decide to discredit Hawkeye, remember this:

He used to run around in a flamboyant purple outfit.