Monday, June 20, 2011

I am going to rename my dog.

This one.
His name is Goren.  For now.

I plan on renaming him Snorty BigHead though.  For several good reasons, not just because I'm quite fond of the name (which I am).

When Goren gets particularly perturbed he makes an odd noise with his nose.  You can tell it's a bothered noise, one he makes when something has gone horribly awry.  And for Goren, pretty much everything goes wrong every day.  He's not the most stable dog in the world.  He's afraid of round things and cell phones when they're on vibrate.  It would be hilarious if - no, wait, it IS hilarious!

He was making the weird snorty noise a lot the other day, because we tried to give him a hair cut.  He doesn't like change, aided by the fact that our dog shears are the noisiest contraption second only to a jumbo jet.  It was awesome (Read: horrifying).

Goren became so terrified that we finally had to let him go, halfway through his trim.  Now, normally we get a professional to cut his hair, but we weren't able to make an appointment this time.  With no prior dog-hair-cutting knowledge, Goren ended up looking like a weird Two-Face, except in tiny dog form.

Still-furry side...oh wait, TOTALLY SMOOTH.
And we didn't trim up any of his head, leading to an awkward, Two-Face Chibi Dog of Hilarity.

Now he's all out of proportion and I can't stop making fun of him even though he can't understand me.

Because he is a dog.  You know. Right. Anyway.

Like I said, he doesn't like change, so it might be a while before I can successfully get him to answer to Snorty BigHead, but I have time.  I am nothing if not patient.

I can wait.

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