Monday, September 26, 2011

I haven't posted in two months, and I apologize.

I want to put some of the blame on planning for school and meeting up with old high school friends and then packing and moving, but that's not entirely the case.  My summer was just, well...boring, after a bit.  The highlight of the break being the time I went to Holiday World (the amusement park) twice in the same week.
That is the Voyage. It is the world's tallest wooden roller coaster. It occasionally hurts so much to ride it you feel like you need a safe word. The place is awesome, is what I'm trying to get across.
But after that, it was Netflix B-movie marathons and the occasional get together. Nothing terribly exciting.  I moved back to Bloomington about a month ago or so, and all has been well.  Classes are going fine, my friends are fine, my BRAND-SPANKING NEW APARTMENT is fine.
And, as a side note, this is what my room looks like:

I couldn't give up the books.

Wonderful keyboard via lovely friend, Tony.

That's Classic Batman, Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Who all on the same door. I am an accomplished nerd.
The only real thing to note is that I am joining a Calligraphy club, so expect wonderful Christmas Cards.

Hopefully going to blog more often,
And wonderfully yours,


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