Monday, May 2, 2011

The Post In Which Caitlyn Chronicles Her Attempt To Learn The Ukulele

My love of the ukulele has been a long but rather uneventful series of lusting after a ukulele and then forgetting about it a week later, much like my obsession with the harmonica (of which I have four yet I still do not know how to play any of them).  

A few years ago, however, my school got a new band teacher who could play the ukulele.  Slowly but surely he indoctrinated my brother into his horrible ukulele cult of Jason Mraz and large Hawaiian superstars.  My brother has some weird attachment to string instruments; he can play guitars and basses and once attempted the violin, though he then proceeded to break it.  He decided he needed a ukulele, too, just to complete his collection.

When his ukulele arrived, I was jealous, I'll admit it. So I proceeded to buy one for myself, out of ukulele envy.  I then brought out my evil laugh, just to make it a little more dramatic.

Since I bought it, so many months ago, I have managed to learn one song (Over the Rainbow, of course) and can occasionally remember I'm Yours by Mraz. I recently looked up Hedwig's Theme and The Pirates of the Caribbean music as well, but it turns out that I was not built to play string instruments (unless you consider the piano a string instrument, but I always call it percussion) and I have been having some trouble getting my fingers to do what they are supposed to.

But I shall labor on, eating myself into a catharsis and moving to Hawaii to become a famous ukulele player before my brother. Because I am always better than him.

These are not opinions, these are facts.

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