Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Okay, yeah, this IS my thrid post in like an hour.

But I can't stop thinking.  I was digging through my stories, all half finished and really probably not that good, but that's okay.  I was looking specifically for one story, a really short one, but when I found it it was only half finished.  I have it written down somewhere, but I'm roughly three hours away from the hand-written copy, so there's that plan scrapped.  If I find it I'll finish it and probably post it on here, to the enjoyment of no one but me, probably.

I was thinking of things I wanted to cook when I got home.  I'm reading a book called Meat: A Love Story by Susan Bourette, which is basically about a woman who goes to completely ridiculous yes somehow inspired lengths to find the perfect piece of meat and basically cuts down the Big Business approach to 'farming' (cause it really isn't farming, see) in the process.

She kind of talks about these just glorious pieces of steak and pork and polar bear and it makes me really hungry when I read it so I say to myself, "Alright, self, let's go cook some steak!" But then I remember that I'm at IU and I have no steak to begin with.  And on top of that our little 50's kitchen is closed so I couldn't cook if I had a completely normal recipe.  So instead I thought of ways to cook steak at home. And I came up with a rough recipe.  It has no real measurements and the ingredients are constantly in flux as it is.  'Cause that's how my mother taught me to cook.  Much to the chagrin of my father.  He likes a good recipe; she throws things together that kind of look right.  So that's what I've done.

Basically, you marinate your steak (or whatever)
And in a pan (or griddle, I've always wanted to cook steak on a griddle, but for this, probably a pan)  you put your olive oil on and sweat some garlic cloves
Then you put in some onions (If you like onions, can be replaced with peppers, or like basil leaves or all of that or none of it.  Steak is tasty either way) and you cook them a little
And put in your meat of choice and sear it a little, right, and leave it a little juicy in the middle bits if you prefer it that way, like I do
And then you take it, and your now-cooked vegetable things, and serve it with rice or noodles or another piece of meat if that's your thing, bacon perhaps.

Like I said, it's really, REALLY rough.  But the though of a good steak makes me starved.

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